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About phannatiq

We are phannatiq. You are you. Humans are diverse and unique, and we understand how important it is for us to cater for that as a clothing brand regardless of gender, size, age or any other defining characteristic. We want to make clothes that you can be yourself in. We want to make clothes that you feel confident in. We want to fit in with you rather than ask that you fit in with us. Style, self-expression, attitude and sustainability are at our core. After all, life is too short to feel uncomfortable. Clothes for people - be yourself with phannatiq.

Phannatiq Press Pack

The Background Cross-genre clothing brand phannatiq has been throwing a sideways look at sartorial provisions for the world’s pavement populations...

Our Founder Anna Skodbo

Anna Skodbo is the creative driving force behind cross-genre clothing brand phannatiq, part time harpist, and occasional surfer. Steiner school...
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