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Looking for a rubbish gift someone will love? Here's some Inspiration! 

Top Left: Recycled Fish Food Sack Women's Purse £12.98
Made from recycled fish feed sacks, this purse also comes in a fluorescent pink.

Top Right: Fly Tipping Corin Sweater £80
This organic cotton sweatshirt is available in our Fly Tipping print, inspired by fly tipping from around Walthamstow.

Bottom Left: Christmas Baubles £20 each or £55 for all three 
Bored of your baubles? Fancy something a bit different? Alice Mara's new range could  make your Christmas tree that extra bit special. 
Bottom Right: Recycled Inner Tube Courier Bag £25.98
Each bag is entirely unique, due to the different markings of the rubber, previously used for tyres.
For that work colleague who has it all there's always the Abandoned  Mattress Calendar £7.99

By The Walthamstow's very own Unofficial Tourist Board

Alright, so they're not rubbish but they once were!