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phannatiq Screw U necklace Launch in aid of Southall Black Sisters

We hosted a party to celebrate the launch of our Screw U necklace in aid of Southall Black Sisters at the delightful Lights of Soho
The evening was a great success despite a powercut to the whole of Soho rendering our venue's name quite ironic!
Everyone was such a good sport though, accepting cash only orders and enjoying a very romantic candle lit atmosphere
Most importantly we create awareness for an amazing cause and hope to continue to do so.
You can too by going to shop.phannatiq.com and buying a necklace for you or a friend.
80% of the profit goes straight to the charity
  All set up and ready to go!
People starting to arrive in the candle light
We gave 10% of clothes sales to Southall Black Sisters on the night too
The lights came on for the last hour!
Thank you Bonita Andre and Anna Skodbo for the photos

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