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phannatiq launches THIS IS HOW WE DO IT! A traceability and transparency project


This is how we do it, phannatiq, who made my clothes

phannatiq's new online traceability and transparency project 'This is how we do it!' makes it easy for customers to see every step of making clothes, from raw fibre to finished garment.

Click on the 'How it's made' button on a garment's page to get the full story of its origin. There's a summary of each stage in its journey: click on any summary to drill down to an in-depth, multimedia article with a mix of images and film.

phannatiq has worked with suppliers, factories and local agents around the world to ensure each garment can be traced, from the growth of the raw materials, through various manufacturing and finishing stages, right the way to the customer.

'This is how we do it!' is an ongoing project as manufacture contracts and processes continually evolve. Initial development took more than a year. It represents everything phannatiq knows about its supply chains to date. New content will be added continually.

The entire process, from design to finished garment, is detailed and every company name is supplied, with website links wherever possible so customers can explore further if they wish, to make informed purchasing decisions.

Traceable and transparent
Information is independently verified wherever possible, but the constraints of a dedicated small team with a limited budget mean that phannatiq is often reliant on information provided by suppliers. The team continues to investigate the sometimes long supply chains and share information transparently. Each article states clearly if the information within has been fully verified by phannatiq.

'This is how we do it!' aims to provide honest information to inform purchasing decisions. Research for the new resource was a learning experience and threw up challenges. For example, researching phannatiq's bamboo silk led to a change in how it's billed. It transpired that to call the fabric 'organic' would be misleading because although the bamboo plants are grown organically (Ecocert certified) the plant fibres are then chemically extracted. But phannatiq's supplier uses "closed loop" extraction which recirculates chemicals, dramatically reducing environmental impact compared with regular chemical extraction.

"What you see is everything we know," says Brand Director Anna Skodbo. "We choose our suppliers for many reasons: some because of their environmental policies and some for their labour policies. In sustainability, eco consciousness and ethics it's impossible to be fault-free but we are trying to be transparent. I hope it provides some insight into how we do things."

This Is How We Do It, phannatiq, who made my clothes
Go to any garment and you will see a "How It's Made" Button

This Is How We Do It, phannatiq, who made my clothes
Click on that and see a summary of all the stages involved in making that garment

This Is How We Do It, phannatiq, who made my clothes
You will see something like this! You can then click on any of the articles for a more in depth description of the process. As a lot of garments have similar processes some articles will show for more than one garment too 


This is so important and I can’t believe not more fashion brands do this. It truly shows you care and it makes me love the brand even more!

Posted by Mari on October 17, 2017

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