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Meet Our Model: Jade

How did you become you?

I've known from 6 years old. My mum spotted my abnormally high attention to rhythm and decided that she was going to nurture it. She took me to local dance schools until I was old enough to make my own decision about dance. Ballet, tap, modern, jazz etc... were all my first teachings but it was street dance that saved me. I say 'saved' deliberately as thats the perfect word to describe what it has done. It gave me Purpose. Drive. Ambition. A job and money to live, have clothes on my back and eat. Release from stress. Friendships with others who feel the way that I do and ultimately it gave me the skills to be able to teach young souls that can help them to be saved too. 


What's your biggest passion? And your worst vice?

Biggest Passion is to create my own hiphop theatre play called The Duke Joint. 
Worst vice is that I think I work too hard and need to make more time for other things. 

Tell us about your favourite object 

Big statement African jewellery and head wraps. Give me my identity and is how I wish to represent myself to the world. 

What do you want to be remembered for?

That I used my dance for good. 

What's your signature movement?

Rachet Bum flick lol

What's been your most outrageous/extravagant purchase? And best bargain?

tbh I've always been quite wise with my money. Teachings from my mum I guess. I don't tend to spend extravagantly. Best bargain was probably my coffee table. Slate stone from South Africa clearly a relic and the person just wanted rid of it. Flogged it to me for £50. 

When I play, I… 

play hard!

Tell us a secret… 

Stole a chair out of the Mile End Nandos. Looks great at my mums house! whoops....

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