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I'm a phannatiq! Alison Lowe


From country and western backing singer to fashion publicist, Alison’s always been led by her passions.

Why are you a phannatiq?

Because I love strong design, wearable clothes that are bold and playful.

Describe your style.

In any day I can be darting from high-power meetings to shop visits to studio visits, so my style is balanced around this. It’s eclectic, oversized, comfortable… but hopefully stylish!

The city, because…

It is vibrant, multi cultural and home!

How did you become you?

I never had a set path, I have always been driven to do things that excite me and that I feel passionate about. Everything from being an actress to touring as a backing singer with the country music greats, from running an international courier business to teaching creative entrepreneurship.

What’s your biggest passion? And your worst vice?

My biggest passion is helping businesses develop and succeed. My worst vice is that I’m easily bored.

Tell us about your favourite object.

I have so many favourite objects, from my lucky pewter Viking ornament to my new iPad, from my waving Buddha to my new Phannatiq skirt! I only have things in my life that I feel passionate about.

What do you want to be remembered for?

Gosh that’s a hard one – I hope that people will remember me for being honest, generous and giving back.

What’s been your most outrageous/extravagant purchase? And best bargain?

The most expensive thing I have had is two daughters! They have been outrageously expensive over the past 20 years!!! But also my best bargain as they bring the most incredible value to my life every day.

Where are you now? What are you doing next?

I really love running Felicities and supporting emerging fashion brands. The next step is to launch my new website Start Your Own Fashion Label, with a broad range of resources including handouts and podcasts for designers.

See Alison’s work at www.felicities.co.uk/

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