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Meet Our Model: Fahema

Fahema in a phannatiq cat stripes headscarf and black phannatiq florence dress standing by a wrought iron fence in West London staring into the middle distance
photo by Rachael Cox, make-up by Laura Gingell, head wrap by Carmen Koge

My name is Fahema and I am Bangladeshi British.

Alongside modelling I work in education, I mentor and support vulnerable student's in secondary schools, varying from refugees, mental health disorders, social issues or history of abuse.

My role is find what these students barriers to learning is a do my best to help them break through it and succeed to the best of their ability. It is a very rewarding job.

Also, I write poetry and am working on my first novel, one day I'd like that to be a part of my job.

I'm good at martial arts, gaming, drawing, writing and great with animals, cooking.

I'm not good at maths, accepting traditional values, responding to messages.

I love gaming on my ps4, reading classic novels and long nature walks and I'm improving my relationship with food so I can confidently say without guilt I enjoy most food especially crepes with raspberries and ice cream

Fahema striking a strong fighting pose with her fist in the air and arm at right angles wearting a phannatig cat stripes print head scarf and a limited edition hand dyed blue phannatiw rebecca dress. the images has a plain grew background
photo by Stephen Berkeley-White, make-up by AOFM

Not many people know this but…

I have a spinal condition called cervical thoracic spondylosis and discopathy, it's something that very rarely affects someone under the age of 60. And as a result... I have had over 28 spinal procedures.

How did you become you?

I think I truly became myself when I wrote my memoir (for my dissertation) which included all the tumultuous parts of my life.

I read it and thought to myself, I have been through sone really difficult shit... I deserve more credit for it, I am a strong person and I will stay strong.

From that moment I decided I will live life as ME including my past difficulties, unafraid of the struggles to come because I know i can handle it all.

That's when I got the phrase "Stay Strong" tattooed across my wrists.

What's your biggest passion? And what grinds your gears?

My biggest passion is helping people who are going through a difficult time, showing them that it is possible to get through it and make something of yourself.

Life can through you some serious lot difficult times, it doesn't mean you can't overcome it and be proud of yourself.

I dislike it when people think they are above others due an aspect of their life they has zero control over I.e. race, gender, parents fortune etc.

It just puzzles me how one can be so proud and haughty over something they had no part in.

Your favourite object

My bed, pure comfort.

What do you want to be remembered for?

Opening people's eyes; I think people see Muslims as some kind of other beings, like we are not normal.

We are... But, sadly sometimes we have to deal with a lot of hate, to the point you feel like you don't count as a human.

I want to start this conversation to show people we are not what others say we are, just like the way you may have a mental health condition, a parent with cancer, relationship woes or even struggling to get by we also have these issues.

Religion shouldn't divide, just like race or gender. None of these things should divide us. Humanity all bleeds the same blood.

What's your signature movement?

A massive pearly whites smile

What's been your most outrageous/extravagant purchase? And best bargain

I have never really bought anything extravagant, and I have a lot of good bargains, that's the case when you grow up scraping by!

Tell us a secret…

I can't ride a bike or swim.

Where are you now? What are you doing next?

I'm living with my best friend/husband Matthew, ready to take on life together. I don't like to have a clear idea of what's next, I think "next" should be a serendipitous event.

Measurements for reference

UK dress size 6/8
Height 170cm
bust/chest 30E

Fahema striking a fun pose in a phannatiq fahema dress in fly tipping print and a phannatiq cat stripes head scarf. The background is greyphoto by Stephen Berkeley-White, make-up by AOFM

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