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Anna Skodbo will be representing phannatiq at Hub Dot for International Women's Day


We are very pleased to announce that Anna Skodbo will be representing phannatiq at Hub Dot's ‘Creating Alchemy within the Borough of Waltham Forest and Beyond’ on Wednesday 8th March on the occasion of International Women’s Day, as one of their one minute inspirational storytellers. 

It will be held at Walthamstow Assembly Hall, Town Hall, Waltham Forest E17 4JF, where phannatiq will also be creating an installation for the event. 

About Hub Dot 

"Your Dot, your story. A community for women to be inspired and connect through storytelling.

At the core of Hub Dot is the mission to disrupt the way women network, regardless whether they are in business, at the school gate, in higher education or philanthropy. By creating a space for authentic connections, Hub Dot uses the concept of the Italian piazza to bring storytelling back to the centre of society. We remove preconceived societal labels – a title, a CV, a job description - and replace them with 5 coloured Dots as a way of giving women the freedom to explore and start a conversation with  ‘What is your story?’ and not, ‘What do you do?’ It’s a spark of inspiration , it’s giving opportunity the chance to find you. 

Whether at one of our events worldwide or on our digital Piazza, pick your Dot, choose a mindset and let Dot Alchemy guide you towards the people, content and events that inspire you most.

A gathering of 98 friends around Simona’s kitchen table in London is now a global movement with a reach of 25k people in 16 cities all over the world (…and over 60 cities waiting to host a Hub Dot event."

Which Dot will YOU be?

If you wish to participate you can register here https://hubdot.com/event/london/86/hub-dot-for-waltham-forest-creating-alchemy-within-the-borough-and-beyond

Use code WFResident. to gain free entry as a Waltham Forest resident,  £12 for non-residents

Vist the website: www.hubdot.com

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


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