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Our Founder Anna Skodbo

Anna Skodbo is the creative driving force behind cross-genre clothing brand phannatiq, part time harpist, and occasional surfer. Steiner school Educated in Edinburgh, she developed a curiosity and respect for social and stylistic individualism that is prominent in all her activities 

From an early life sharing her home with adults with severe learning disabilities, schooling that encouraged self expression and creativity, to years spent childminding and getting by in Oslo, having set off for a new life in Norway at the age of 18, Anna has been shaped by slightly unconventional experiences and carries with her great flexibility and determination as a result

Returning to the UK in 2007 to study Fashion BA (hons) at the University of Hertfordshire, she sought out practical roles facilitating London Fashion Week while honing her business and creative skills that would soon lead to establishing her own brand

Anna holds a deep respect for natural and human resources, and places this commitment at the centre of her brand phannatiq by maintaining supply chains of high sustainability and ethical credibility.

As a keen educator, Anna Lectures and supports students of both business and fashion, sharing her specialist insight and successes in maintaining integrity within a solely profit-focussed industry dominated by disposable fashion

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