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Amplify Dot wears phannatiq for a photoshoot with Fashion Fox

In an exclusive fashion shoot with Fashion Fox, musician Amplify Dot wore several phannatiq pieces.
Amplify Dot, A-Dot, Phannatiq, Fashion
Phannatiq, hoody, Amplify Dot, A-Dot, Yellow, Fashion
Phannatiq, Amplified Dot, A-Dot, Hoody, Print, Yellow, Fashion
Dot wears chiffon photoprint hooded cape by Phannatiq, Prabal Gurung shades by Linda Farrow, Top Man skinny fit jeans (Dot's own) and Ms Midas gold jewellery by REO Jewels
Phannatiq, Yellow, Amplify Dot, A-Dot, chiffon, fashion, music
Phannatiq, Amplify Dot, A-Dot, Yellow, Chiffon, Music, Radio
Dot wears Ms Midas gold finger jewellery by REO Jewels, yellow chiffon top by Phannatiq and biker jacket by Bitching and Junkfood & Oxblood Dr Martens & Prabal Gurung shades by Linda Farrow Eyewear
The pieces in this shoot were one off samples experimenting with plant dyeing, to learn more click here.
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