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Meet Our Model: Alex B

Model Alex B in phannatiq organic cotton denim dungarees and london print organic cotton Oscar top standing by a wall

A bit about you

I was born in Italy, have lived in the UK since I was 19 (practically since yesterday!) I am from a rather international family.

When I was young I wanted to be a dancer but I became an academic instead - got a PhD and then taught at various universities for many years till I became a model.

I model to make a statement about older women and their invisibility, otherwise I would not bother to model at all, there is much about this industry which I don’t like.

I am an agency signed, with Grey Model Agency, a writer and a fashion activist. I am currently  writing a book on contemporary fashion in a global context using fashion ‘made in Indonesia’ as a case study, the book will be out in 2020 and is published by Bloomsbury. I also blog. 

What's your biggest passion? 

I am passionate about ballet as an art form and as a body discipline and practise barre exercises everyday except Sundays. I am still very flexible and at ‘my ripe old age’ I can do splits and backbends, I work hard at it though.

Tell us a secret…

I use a stage name for modelling because I have a long Spanish surname which people - unless they are Spanish speaking- constantly mispronounce so rather than cringe all the time when I hear it I prefer to use my grandmother’s or just the initial B.

It does not seem to cause problems though sometimes people pronounce Bruni to rhyme with the sultanate of Brunei - but I like that, it suddenly lends me an aura of immense wealth as the sultan of Brunei is one of the richest men in the world, according to Forbes.

Model Alex B in phannatiq black bamboo florence dress with grey background

Measurements for reference

Height 5’7.5
Bust/chest 34
Waist 26
Hips 36

I tend to wear 34in jeans I like my jeans to cover heels and like them wide legged

See what Alex is up to

Instagram @alexb244
Twitter @alexb244
Website www.alexbmodel.co.uk 
Blog https://alex-therealdoesnoteffaceitself.blogspot.co.uk