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I'm a phannatiq! Oscar Alexander


Our hair and makeup artist Oscar loves a bargain but he doesn't half hiccup.

Why are you a phannatiq?
Because I'm a sucker for quality and I love the designs.

Describe your style
Black. ALL BLACK. Well, most of the time. Apart from that it does change a little, constantly, from more sporty to basic jeans and tee to more dressed up.

How did you become you?
I don’t think I ever did. I’ve always known I was going to do something creative, but apart from that I have just formed in to me and will keep on moulding to the future me, who ever that might be.

What's your biggest passion?
Tough one. I have a lot of passions, but I think happiness and love are my biggest ones, as cheesy as it sounds!

Tell us about your favourite object
My favourite piece of clothing tends to change, but at the moment it’s an oversized neoprene hoodie and a cape/poncho/hoodie/jacket by phannatiq. Both black obvs.


What do you want to be remembered for?
Gosh. Doing something good for this world? I’ve never thought about this to be honest!

What's your signature movement?
Hiccups, I have these weird hiccups.

What's been your best bargain?
I love a bargain, so there are a few. I think the best was from a sample sale. I got a coat and a sweater for £30, which normally would have been something like £600.

When I play, I…
I don’t play sports. I used to play the piano. Tried the guitar. And now I play Candy Crush, ha!

Find out more about Oscar at oscaralexander.co.uk
Follow him on Twitter @OscarAlexanderL

Top two: Yolanda Liou yolandaliou.com,
Bottom three: Stephen Berkeley White berkeleywhitephotography.com  

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