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I'm a phannatiq! Sherene Banner

Yoga teacher Sherene always sports secret Lycra under her mishmash of vintage, prints and tribal.

Phannatiq is…
Cross town style ‑ bold, distressed and classic; ethical and playful; disruptive and seductive…

Why are you a phannatiq?
Love the shapes, love the prints and the fabrics. I need clothes I can move in so it's great that the collection is wearable but still has an interesting play in the shapes and prints to make them stand out.

Describe your style
Chic bag-lady traveller. Mixing up my passion for vintage, prints and tribal… but with Lycra underneath for work ;-)

The city, because…
Where else can you find people and food from all nations in one place? The Big Smoke seems vast but when you have an interest you keep bumping into the same people. There's a strong sense of community – it's just being open and knowing where to look for it.

How did you become you?
I've always had a confidence in myself and knowing who I am, that's what happens when you're the only Chinese girl in a Norfolk school. I didn't really get bullied because names like "Coco" (as in the girl from Fame) didn't affect me. I knew I wasn't black and that they were just dumb/ignorant.

I was always interested in art and dressing up as a child, so not much has changed. I studied art, had my degree in fashion and worked in the industry for over 14 years but I always balanced it with "me" time. First tai chi and then yoga.

I wanted to deepen my yoga practice with a course and then ended up teaching so many classes that it seemed sensible to quit the day job. I love studying. I'm fascinated by movement, so the yoga has lead to massage and other forms of body work and I'm sure there will not be a point where I can put my hands up and say "I'm done".

What's your biggest passion? And your worst vice?
Biggest passion is food which is also my worse vice. Now and again junk food is needed.

Tell us about your favourite object
My jade necklace that I wear and never take off. It's old and has unusual links as they have different cuts on them, the jade pendant was my grandma's. Jade is also supposed to bring you good luck.

What's your signature movement?
My signature dance move is the "towel dance". I even lost half a tooth from it but that's another story....

Where are you now? What are you doing next?
I'm still in Walthamstow doing local things and cycling around London. I recently added to my massage therapy qualification with advanced deep tissue and trigger point techniques. Next year I will also be teaching a mums and baby yoga class.

Find Sherene's yoga and massage schedule at www.circularflowyoga.co.uk
Follow her on Twitter @BeaninStow

Photo by David Elms www.elmsphotography.co.uk