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I'm a phannatiq! Lauren Kay

London-based makeup artist and sweet-thief, Lauren has been working with us for the last four seasons.

Why are you a phannatiq?
I love to wear this brand and will carry on supporting it as I adore the style of the clothes, the message of individualism and the effort that goes into every piece to make them as sustainable and ethical as possible.

How did you become you?
I think the earliest step in becoming 'me' was having my daughter at 20. She brought the important things in life into perspective.
In my late 20s to 30s I began tailoring what I do. I've always had a love for fashion but many parts of the fashion industry I worked in didn't sit right for me.
I have a 13 year old daughter and a 6 year old step daughter and a lot of areas, to me, gave out unhealthy messages especially surrounding women. My work now has a message: that make up is an amazing form of self expression. I champion body confidence, inner beauty and ethical products.

What's your biggest passion? And your worst vice?
My biggest passion is art, my worst vice is eating sweets. I sniff out and eat any sweets left in my home. I ate some chocolate at breakfast. I'm not proud.

Describe your style
I spend my days darting around London with a heavy makeup case and a backpack, so my day-to-day style is extremely comfortable but with statement detail.
Working in fashion means I don't have to wear anything formal and can be a lot more expressive thankfully, so I wear a lot of loose and stretchy fabrics. I love the Phannatiq Bamboo fabric.

The city, because…
It's diverse and alive!

What's been your most outrageous/extravagant purchase? And best bargain?
I don't make really outrageous purchases. I'm constantly wearing a fabulous, gold, vintage Valentino head band at the moment. It cost me about £10. It looks amazing, feeds my magpie need for sparkly things and keeps my ears warm!

Where are you now? What are you doing next?
One of my next projects is beauty lessons for teens. It's such a crucial age, it can be a time of insecurity. I want to teach them about the smoke and mirrors in fashion and advertising so they can see through unrealistic beauty standards. To empower each other and see the beauty in others without questioning their own.

See Lauren's work at www.laurenkay.co.uk

Follow her on Instagram 
Beautiful photographs by Yolanda Yiou. See more of her work here at yolandaliou.com

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