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I'm a phannatiq! Linda Stratmann

Linda writes novels, true crime books and biographies. She calls her personal style 'grey goth'

Phannatiq is…
Bold, eye-catching, challenging, utterly timeless, ethical, fun yet deliciously comfortable to wear.

Why are you a phannatiq?
I was captivated by the fearless originality of phannatiq garments at my very first look. When I actually handled the clothes for the first time, I was amazed by the beautiful quality of the fabric. They don't just look good, they feel good too.

Describe your style
I'm developing my own style, which I call 'grey goth'. The clothes are black, white and grey with one other colour, and the silhouette is skinny with the addition of fluid elements. I have also been experimenting with matching phannatiq with more conventional clothes in a subtle way.

How did you become you?
At 67 I am the sum of all the things I have done. I have spent many years searching for what I wanted to do, how I should live my daily life, and explored a lot of wrong turnings, but the place I'm in now is a good one.

I began writing when I was six, but the reality of being a published author was a long time coming. I tried different styles and genres, now I'm happy and comfortable with what I do.

Tell us about your favourite object
People mean more to me than things. Just recently, after I broke my arm in an accident, my husband has had to help me wash, which means removing my wedding ring then replacing it. Having him put the ring on my finger as he did on our wedding day has a lot of meaning for both of us.











What do you want to be remembered for?
I would like to be remembered as someone who lived an interesting life, had many good friends and wrote some books that gave people pleasure.

Your most outrageous/extravagant purchase? And best bargain?
I'm a born bargain-hunter, so I have many wonderful things, which I have snapped up over the years. My most expensive garment hasn't been purchased yet but there is a phannatiq dress I have my eye on!

Where are you now? What are you doing next?
I am currently correcting the page proofs of Death in Bayswater, the sixth book featuring Frances Doughty the Victorian lady detective, and writing the Royal Ghost, the second book about Mina Scarletti a lady who exposes fraudulent spirit mediums. My next project in the New Year will be writing Frances Doughty book seven.

Read about Linda's books at www.lindastratmann.com
Buy Linda's latest book The Secret Poisoner on Amazon Linda's books are also available in Waterstones
Listen to a radio interview with Jonathan Ross on the BBC
Follow her on twitter: @LindaStratmann

Images top to bottom: Linda at one of her book launches, standing by the escape tunnel from the Great Escape and posing with her latest book The Secret Poisoner.

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