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Our "How It's Made" has a long way to go still

who made my clothes, phannatiq

We have worked very hard to gather all the information you see here, but it is far from finished. We have done our best to provide you with all the information that we have, and as we receive more, so shall you. 

We shall continue to ask questions and request information, and hope one day funds permitting we will be able to employ third parties and NGOs to go in and properly investigate everything, right now we have relied on Anna Skodbo, who has visited Liniatex, Europrint, Rika, Sample Room 4 U, London Trimmings, Cris Thomson, Caramel Quinn who has emailed, collated and done online investigations, Lisbeth Løvbak Berg who has visited Katty and Redu (She is also a consultant for Redu) and Phil from Organic Textile Company who has visited Genesh and spent time researching the mills that supply them, they have been extremely open and helpful to us.

As you can see, in a lot of articles the images are awful! We had to work with what we had and made the decision that these were better then none at all. As we receive/manage to take more we will be updating.

Our work in this department will be ongoing for a long time to come. In the mean time we have provided website links to all the factories and suppliers that have websites so you can do your own investigations to your satisfaction.

We will always take on board feedback too so if there's anything you'd like to ask we will do our best to answer.