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Manufacture by Modni Atelje Rika

One of our fantastic Slovenian makers is Rika Zadravec of Modni Atelje Rika.

Rika is self employed and sews all our Florence dresses and Fahema dresses herself. She also sews any made to order items as she is set up to do smaller quantities.

She has a home studio in Ptuj as well as a showroom where she makes dresses for private clients

She really enjoys problem solving and takes great satisfaction in working out finishes which look as good on the inside as they do on the outside

Slovenia is one of the few remaining EU countries with a longstanding and uninterrupted tradition of textile and clothing manufacturing going back to the 18th century.


In addition to the fabrics, we send her samples which are used to inform her how to sew the garments. These are often made from random fabrics and are just for reference

A spec sheet  like this one is also made to supplement the garment and provide any further information including amounts per size and colour. Patterns are digitised, graded (made in all the sizes) and sent via email to our grader in Ljubljana who prints them out and sends them over to Rika

They then make a production sample, which they send over for us to look at and approve. Sometimes it's perfect first time but sometimes we have to send it back with notes for improvement or some changes that have become necessary. If this happens they often send photos to save time and energy or show us via skype

The garments are sewn and pressed. Seams are inspected throughout the process. 

Finally they are packaged and sent to us in London ready to be shipped to all corners of the world!